New Carpathia consists of three planets. There are also other planets occupied by other nations. Let's take a look!

New Berengaria

Before there was the nation of New Carpathia, there was a small island called Berengaria in the south Pacific, which was a US territory, and it was human-only. In 1984, they declared independence from the USA. Then-President Reagan said, "They'll come crawling back." Then he took a nap and forgot all about it.

It wasn't long after that the people of Berengaria discovered a portal gate on their island and found a new planet with it, which they dubbed New Berengaria, an Earth-like planet abundant in minerals and long-abandoned space-faring technology of an ancient civilization. The Berengarian government tried their best to keep the gate secret from other nations. It took a few decades, but other nations finally found out about it. Facing imminent invasion, the Berengarians fled to New Berengaria and blew up the Earth gate.

There, they named their new nation, The New Carpathia Confederation of Planets, but most people simply call it "Carpathia." For a time, it was just one planet, but the people had eyes on finding and colonizing other, uninhabited worlds. To this day, Carpathia has no formal relations with any nation on Earth.

The planet itself is very Earth-like mostly, with a wide variety of landscapes. The average temperature is slightly colder and the days are slightly longer. It is roughly 65% water on the surface.

Major cities:
Carpathia City (Capital) - Over 12 million
Nephele - Over 5 million

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Andrast is the first planet discovered by Carpathia after New Berengaria. When they found it, there was a species already living there, the Nekomi, who were very eager to make friends. Andrast serves as the secondary capital of Carpathia in case the regular one is inaccessible.

Andrast is divided into two major regions. One is the original Nekomi region, which is now a semi-autonomous area in Carpathia. The other is the Carpathian settlement. The Nekomi have limited rights to govern themselves in their own land and most of their efforts go into preserving their cultural heritage. Once, the Nekomi had a population of two billion. Now they have dwindled to a mere three million.

Overall, Andrast is extremely wet and humid. It looks very green from space, but much of that is dotted with lakes and swamps. Average temperatures are higher than Earth or New Berengaria.

Major cities:
Starlight City (Nekomi) - 3.2 million
Isen - 5.1 million

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Yes, this is the same Venus that's near Earth. Carpathia decided to terraform it for two reasons.
1) To realize Carl Sagan's dream of a terraformed Venus
2) To keep an eye on the people of Earth, whom Carpathia does not trust.

So far, the Carpathians have not been able to figure out how to restart the core of Venus, so, until they do, massive space mirrors are used to control day and night. Therefore, the planet is kept on a schedule that is identical to New Berengaria.

Venus is the third planet colonized by Carpathia. Water covers over 85% of Venus and its average temperature is very near that of New Berengaria.

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